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What to You Need to Know About Essential Oil Notes

Updated: Jul 19, 2022


THE MAJORITY of our Essential Oils are packed by weight. Not volume. This is why you might have a bottle that appears to be "fuller" than another bottle. Each oil is comprised of different raw materials and will weigh differently giving you a different fill line. Some will look taller or shorter in the bottle depending on the weight of the oil. Most citrus based oils will appear "fuller" in your bottles. Please take a moment to weigh your bottles before you call, thinking you have been shorted. Each bottle is individually weighed for complete accuracy.

LTD QTY means we are not restocking that particular oil and a limited supply is all we have available. Our 1 lb. Essential Oils equal 16 ounces and is in liquid form.

WAX/FRAGRANCE OILS: Due to the fact that products may differ from batch to batch, we cannot guarantee that all batches will be identical. Therefore, we do not accept returns for credits or exchanges. Please check the details of each product for complete information regarding that product. Essential oils will smell different in finished products than they do out of the bottle.

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