Sugar Body Scrub by ZEN-Me Creations

Sugar Body Scrub by ZEN-Me Creations


Sometimes cleansing and moisturizing just isn’t enough. Add a luxurious exfoliating body scrub to your regular skin care routine to buff away old skin and stimulate microcirculation. We’ve infused our new scrub with grape seed oil from France, raw sugar or sea salt and essential oils. It helps to invigorate, exfoliate and refine your skin plus, the fresh and delicate fragrance helps awake and revive the senses while leaving your skin feeling super-smooth.


If you have a favorite fragrance not listed, please send us an email. 

  • Product Info

    A scrub or body polish is a spa treatment which exfoliates the skin on your body leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. An abrasive product is rubbed vigorously, and massaged across and into your skin, and is then rinsed away to reveal a moisturized layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin.

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